Investment Process

You are important.

Everything we do is in the interests of our mandated clients and this is the foundation of our success.

We believe vision is key.

Offering vision and innovative thinking is something we strive for every day. Our clients each have unique circumstances and the strategies and advice offered must satisfy these.

Our team is our strength.

By combining our strategic and visionary thinking we get the best results possible for our clients.

Loyalty and integrity is all that matters.

Our team live and work each day with these values in mind and it is evident in our work for, and relationships with, our clients.

Community Sponsorship

Columbus has a strong commitment to fundraising in the community through charitable giving and volunteering. We are proud to support.

KidsXpress, is a dynamic program for children 4-14yrs who have faced challenges, loss and or trauma in their lives. During the KidsXpress program kids are finding ways to cope with their situation through music, art and drama therapies, providing kids with the foundation to learn positive coping mechanisms for life. Experiences such as being bullied at school, witnessing domestic violence, receiving chemotherapy for cancer, watching your sibling or parent die, or being subjected to abuse & neglect, plus many other life tragedies can all have devastating effects on the child and their future strategies to cope with life. At KidsXpress children are finding their voice making meaningful music, healing through colour in art, exploding energy through paint throwing & acting out life in drama. KidsXpress is empowering children to believe in themselves and discover their potential, because every child has the right to believe they can be amazing. If you are interested to find out more about this innovative program and/or a presentation from one of the KidsXpress staff please visit the website on or contact KidsXpress on (02) 9380 9220.

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