Transaction Experience

Advisory Mandates

  • Advisor to various Australian property syndicators on its market repositioning and ultimate divestment
  • Advisor on the restructure of debt for the Auckland Hyatt Hotel and associated development
  • Advisor on the distribution of financial products in New Zealand to Australian unlisted REITS
  • Advisor on the structuring of investment by Australian Pension Funds into New Zealand unlisted REITS
  • Advisor to Australian Investment Manager on acquisition of the Investa property portfolio
  • Advisor to various Australian Investment Managers on acquisiiton of unlisted Australian and New Zealand REIT platforms
  • Advisor to NZ Listed Savoy Equities on full asset divestment program
  • Advisor to Babcock & Brown on the divestment of it's New Zealand Loan Portfolio
  • Advisor to Urban America Advisors, New York on Australian Pension Fund investment
  • Advisor to Lidis Family Office on debt and equity structuring for wholesale Australian Funds
  • Advisor to Singapore Family Office of establishment of a China based REIT

Equity Raising Mandates

  • Australian Pension Fund capital raising management for UK urban redevelopment project
  • Channel Partner distribution management for Sentinel Property Group on capital raising for various unlisted Funds
  • Channel Partner distribution management for Stronghold Investment Management on capital raising
  • Capital Raising for the restructure of Hong Kong based toy manufacturing operation
  • Capital Raising for Australian based organic water treatment operation
  • Capital Raising for Community Telco Australia, an Australian community based telco
  • Capital Raising for ECM Solar in relation to it's bid for the 60MW ACT Solar Farm

Debt Structuring Mandates

Structuring of an Australian property warrant for direct property investment

  • Structuring of margin facility for investment in Australian listed and unlisted property securities
  • Structuring of bond facility for the acquisition of a $100m USD light rail project in Metro Manila
  • Structuring of bond facility for the MBOs of two Malaysian financial services institutions
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